Heart surgery

Young Imran needs help with heart surgery

FIVE-YEAR-OLD Muhammad Imran Naufal loves riding his bike and spending time playing with his friends.

He is an active boy who makes friends easily, regardless of age or background.

However, Imran had a difficult start to life.

During her mother’s pregnancy, she was diagnosed with a hole in her heart.

At birth, he was referred to Sarawak Heart Center with a congenital heart condition called “Moderately Sized Sub-Arterial Ventricular Septal Defect, Aortic Valve Prolapse and Mild Aortic Regurgitation (AR)”.

At first, the family hoped that the hole in Imran’s heart would close on its own, but they learned that it could only be treated with surgery, which would cost RM40,000.

Running a roti canai stall, Imran’s father, Amit Erol, earns between RM1,000 and 1,500 per month, while his mother is a housewife.

With limited financial resources, Amit struggles to make ends meet, especially when he is unable to open the stall on rainy days.

With his eldest daughter, he sells roti canai from 6 a.m. until around noon most days.

“I’m worried about my son’s health because we can’t afford to pay for his operation,” the 51-year-old said.

Doctors from Sarawak Heart Center advised Imran to undergo surgery at the National Heart Institute (IJN) to prevent his condition from getting worse.

His mother, Shuana Adenan, said the journey from their house to the Sarawak heart center usually took half an hour and they were grateful to pay just RM5 for each follow-up session Imran had to attend.

“We have never been to Kuala Lumpur so we are anxious about our trip there for Imran’s operation,” Shuana added.

“We hope our son can have this surgery so he can enjoy his childhood like any other boy,” Amit said.

“No parent wants to see their child get sick. It’s really heartbreaking, but we have to be strong for Imran.

“We are grateful for the help of the Star Foundation and would really appreciate the kindness of the public in helping us get Imran the surgery he needs.”

The Star Foundation Medical Funds Program helps raise funds for Imran’s surgery and treatment at the IJN.

Those wishing to help can direct their donations to the public Star Foundation-Medical Fund bank account (31-9984-9230) via wire transfer.

Donations can also be made by check, credit or debit card.

Surplus donations will be used for the next eligible patient.

To obtain a tax-exempt receipt, donors must complete the medical fund donation form available on the foundation’s website.

Star Foundation, the charitable arm of Star Media Group, aims to support impactful initiatives to help a diverse group of beneficiaries.

The Medical Fund Program was launched in 2015 to help underprivileged people with chronic illnesses by sponsoring one-time medical treatment and care.

For more details, visit starfoundation.com.my and for inquiries, email [email protected]