Heart transplant

“Yankees need a heart transplant”

GM Brian Cashman will never be fired by the New York Yankees, but he should at least take on a lot of it. It’s been 12 years without a World Series appearance, and Cashman is responsible for player selection. He hasn’t done a good job, and if the philosophy doesn’t change, the drought of the World Series won’t change either. The Yankees need good hitters, not good powerful hitters. Too much focus on home hitting is the Yankees’ biggest downfall. At some point, Cashman needs to be held accountable, but instead everyone wants to blame the manager. Freddie Coleman joined us to talk about football, but also gave us his take on the Yankees and how they can solve their problems. Listen above for a fun interview, and read Freddie’s commentary on the Bronx Bombers below!

Freddie says “They need a heart transplant to be honest with you because you watch a Yankees team with that kind of talent, why can’t they play like we see the Tampa Bay Rays play? Or the Cardinals? St. Louis or the San Francisco Giants or even the Los Angeles Dodgers? The Boston Red Sox, man to man, don’t have the talent of the New York Yankees, but they do have a better heart. on the players and it’s on Aaron Boone. If you have that kind of talent you shouldn’t play below your talent … when you have that kind of talent you don’t go 11-8 against the Baltimore Orioles, you do what Tampa Bay did to the Orioles and go 18-1. A major problem. They need a mental checkup and a heart checkup this offseason so it doesn’t happen again in this. organization next year. “

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