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Woman who received heart transplant from middle-aged man shares bizarre side effects


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A woman shared the unusual side effects her heart transplant surgery left on her body.

After undergoing a heart transplant, kidney transplant and having brain cancer, Cecilia-Joy Adamou opened up to TikTok followers about the impact of surgeries and three weird effects you may even see from it. outside of his body.

The 22-year-old from Surrey uses her platform to speak openly about her medical history, having been born with an atrioventricular septal defect with left atrial isomerism.

Cecilia’s condition meant that the chambers on either side of her heart had holes, Yahoo! News reports.

After undergoing life-changing surgery at the ages of six months and two, she was able to experience a relatively normal childhood for six years.

However, in April 2010, Cecilia had to undergo further surgery after her heart deteriorated and eventually suffered cardiac arrest. Her heart failed and she had to be kept on full life support before needing a heart transplant.

“My parents would come home every night not knowing if I would be alive the next morning. A few times they got the call saying they had to come in, it’s almost the end, ”Cecilia said.

In September 2010, she underwent 12-hour surgery, but suffered another cardiac arrest.

While on life support for three months, she suffered from kidney failure and therefore had to undergo a kidney transplant, which her mother gave, and foot surgery so that she could walk again. after suffering nerve damage.

In 2014, she was diagnosed with two brain tumors, two of which were also later discovered in her spine. The tumors were discovered to be related to his transplant immunosuppressive drug.

At one point, they were like, “After all, that’s it, that’s what’s going to do it”.

While thankfully the tumors are now under control, Cecilia has left scars, which she is raising awareness of on her TikTok (@ scars.and.stuff).

She also wrote a letter to the family of her donor, who was a 45-year-old man, whose father responded.

“I had a heart of this entity, this figure, but I learned his name, I learned his family. […] He loved to collect things, which is weird because I always collected things, he collected stamps and when I was little I collected dolls, ”she said.

Cecilia can even see the heart beating on the surface of her skin. “I think it’s because when they put heart in me, I was a malnourished 11-year-old girl with a middle-aged man’s heart,” she explained.

Her post on “three really weird things” to do with your body racked up over 100,000 views, 20,000 likes and 700 comments, with users flocking to the video to support the young woman’s openness. One of them said, “You are amazing! Honestly, you are an inspiration to everyone.

My God, what a brave warrior you are. I pray that you will live a long happy life and keep your grandchildren entertained with these party tips x

A third commented, “You are so positive and resilient. Remarkable woman. ‘

The heart acts as a constant positive reminder to be alive, noted Cecilia. She hopes that by raising awareness, people will feel encouraged to become organ donors.

She concluded: “It is really important that you tell your family about your wishes and have this conversation, if your parents say no it can’t happen.”


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