Heart transplant

UCLA fraternity sends message of support to baby awaiting heart transplant at hospital across the street

Dane Jay is described by his parents as a happy and easy-going baby. They say this all holds true despite having to be in hospital awaiting a heart transplant after the 11-month-old was diagnosed with heart failure.

“We hope for the best but at least if he needs it, we’ve made the list,” said Megen Jay, Dane’s mother. “Now we are waiting to see if the doctors can find anything else or if we take a new heart at some point.”

Parents Christopher and Megen Jay said they saw a great show of support for their family, including Dane and their two young daughters. Friends, church members and even strangers online reached out, but when they saw a message from a fraternity house across from UCLA Medical Center, it warmed their hearts.

“It’s hard to see someone that young or anyone going through this and so, I just thought why not,” said UCLA sophomore and Sigma Alpha fraternity member Jack Pearce. Epsilon. “Let’s just turn on some lights, at least to make him feel good. Make the parents feel like they’re not alone in this, because it’s hard, you know.”

Dane is spelled out in bright white Christmas lights with a large purple heart above on the roof of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. Dane and his family can enjoy the view from their hospital window at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

“These days, it’s really important to take a step back sometimes and do something nice for others,” said UCLA student Leah Roga. “And I think it’s such a beautiful, wonderful example of that.”

The fraternity members even went a step further and included a GoFundMe link for Dane in their Instagram bio.

“We got a lot of love from the family and they get a lot of attention as well,” said Ryan Valte, another Sigma Alpha Epsilon member at UCLA. “They’re getting the help they need and little Dane has just been put on the waiting list for a heart transplant so we’re glad to hear that.”

“A lot of things that are going on just aren’t important,” Megen said. “That stuff is what’s important and those boys, their parents should be so proud. Honestly, it’s amazing.”

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