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Transplant chances for Gabriella slim


Gabriella Lakhan

Consulting pediatric cardiologist Dr. Diane Alexander says not much can be done for three-year-old Gabriella Lakhan.

Although she did not have full details of the child’s condition, Alexander said the prognosis given by previous doctors appeared to be good and any surgery at this point could be fatal.

She said that while Gabriella could get a heart and lung transplant, there was no guarantee that her body would not reject organs and that she would have to be monitored throughout her life.

She also said that since heart and lung transplants weren’t done in the TT, Gabriella would have to go overseas and be put on a waiting list, which could wait years.

However, Alexander said that there are drugs that can help Gabriella for a while, which her parents cling to.

They got help from the public. Gabriella’s mother, Giselle Lakhan, said several of the potential donors who contacted the family fulfilled their promises to help purchase her medicine, which put the family under a strain after their allowance was cut off. social assistance of $ 1,100 because they were deemed ineligible.

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