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Top Military Doctors Successfully Perform First MitraClip Cardiac Surgery in Armed Forces at Army RR Hospital

The nation’s top military doctors performed the first MitraClip heart surgery in the armed forces on a junior officer (JCO) who had developed heart failure due to an infection. The operation was carried out by the most experienced doctors in the defense fraternity, including the Director General of Armed Forces Medical Services, Vice Admiral Rajat Datta and Air Marshal DGMS (Air) Prashant Bhardwaj, both renowned cardiologists.

“The first ever MitraClip in the Armed Forces and Government Sector in India was implanted in a patient at the Army Hospital (R&R), on 26th February. The procedure was performed on a Junior Officer (JCO) from 48, who had developed end-stage heart failure as a sequel to a viral infection,” army officials told ANI.The JCO had irreversible heart muscle dysfunction aggravated by a major leak in the heart valve that carried a prohibitive risk of open-heart surgery and ubiquitous progression, they said.

The team of cardiologists included Air Commodore Keshavamurthy and they alleviated the leak in the valve by inserting a device that alleviated the leak via a pinhole procedure through the groin. The patient made a gratifying recovery. A senior military doctor said the procedure is MitraClip and is needed when a heart fails, increases in size and eventually the valves loosen, allowing blood to leak out.

“In this procedure, the loosened mitral valve in the failing heart is tightened by clipping it using the Mitra Clip. This brings quick relief to the patient who can be discharged from the hospital within a day or two,” said the doctor. “Before this technique, the repair was done in open-heart surgery, which was very risky in a critical patient and involved an extended hospital stay. The cut is made through a pinhole entry into the vein of the leg. heart centers have the technical expertise to do it,” he added. (ANI)

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