Heart failure

The first German EVBA procedure is performed with a new therapeutic approach to heart failure

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vascular Dynamics, Inc. (VDI)a private medical device company focused on developing breakthrough endovascular device-based solutions for patients with heart failure, announced that the Endovascular Baroreflex Amplification (EVBA) procedure using its MobiusHD device to treat heart failure patients heart failure was presented last month CSI Frankfurt 2022 25e anniversary convention.

The first German EVBA procedure treating heart failure was performed by Horst Sievert, MD, Director of the Cardiovascular Center Frankfurt, and was streamed live during the meeting. Dr Sievert said the placement in this case, while using established and relatively simple techniques, was “perfect”. This case also represented the 30e patient enrolled in the ongoing clinical trial entitled “A feasibility study exploring the effect of the MobiusHD device in patients with heart failure”.

The EVBA approach allows precise placement of the MobiusHD implant in the targeted location before the procedure where the baroreceptors are located along the carotid body. The technique can be completed in less than 30 minutes and offers a potential solution for patients with symptomatic heart failure who are unresponsive to drug treatment.

CSI Education has selected the live case to be recognized as its “Podcase of the Month”, and it can be viewed here.

Also at the Frankfurt CSI meeting, Kerstin Piayda, MD of Frankfurt CardioVascular Center presented updated results of the clinical trial. Improvements in outcomes for patients receiving EVBA treatment with the MobiusHD device, including 3, 6, and 12 month follow-up, have been reported. Based on the results of quality of life, six-minute walk distance (6MWD), and NT-proBNP biomarker measurements, nearly all patients in the study had positive responses at 12 months (90% with improved quality of life and 100% showed improvements in 6MWD and NT-proBNP levels), and a high percentage benefited from what were considered clinically meaningful results. Dr. Piayda also shared data reflecting the promising trend of reduced hospitalization for heart failure in these patients after treatment at 6 and 12 months.

“The results to date from the feasibility study in patients with heart failure have been very promising,” commented Ed Roschak, CEO of Vascular Dynamics. “With our recently announced $20 million funding round, we are now expanding these efforts to multiple clinical centers around the world and continuing to enroll more patients.”

“MobiusHD” is a registered trademark of Vascular Dynamics, Inc.

About Vascular Dynamics, Inc.

Vascular Dynamics develops innovative endovascular platform technologies to provide compelling treatment options for patients at risk of life-threatening diseases underserved by conventional treatments. The Company’s MobiusHD technology includes the first endovascular device to use the body’s natural baroreflex mechanism to modulate the autonomic nervous system and help restore sympathetic balance. Clinical evaluations are ongoing. More information is available at www.vasculardynamics.com.