Heart failure

Texas A&M goalie battles heart failure, now facing deportation


BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Melvin Floyd is a member of the night shift that cleans the Langford Architecture Building on the Texas A&M campus. He has been the leader of his crew for seven years.

On Thursday, October 14, Floyd went to the hospital and was diagnosed with advanced heart failure.

It was earlier today that Logan Miertschin, a Texas A&M student, met Floyd. After learning that Floyd had been taken to Houston Medical Center for life for open heart surgery, but couldn’t afford the procedure, he decided to create this GoFundMe page.

Floyd and his wife Lisa both work at Texas A&M, but they can’t afford the health options offered by their employer. The couple have three sons, and while using all their savings to pay for a temporary health insurance plan, the family of five is now at risk of being evicted from their home.

Miertschin said he and other students hoped the community would rally with the Floyd family when needed.

“It will mean a lot to show how much they mean to us,” Miertschin said. “Guardians and other essential employees on campus are not getting the recognition they deserve. They are there every day to support our community and our campus. I think it will mean a lot to show them that the community is behind him for this and that we will support them all as they go through this ordeal.

Floyd is home in bed until his insurance takes effect and he can finally have heart surgery on Wednesday, December 1 in Houston.

You can read more about Melvin Floyd and his family’s current situation on the GoFundMe page.

For the full conversation with Logan Miertschin, watch below:

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