Heart transplant

Small town hero needs a heart transplant

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. — Behind every coffee purchased from Revival Coffee Company is a purpose, and that purpose is Cass White.

What do you want to know

  • Oldham County Detention Center Deputy Cass White Needs Heart Transplant
  • Dozens of local businesses and community members team up to raise money for White’s medical bills
  • Nearly $7,000 was raised

“Intimidating to walk in but once you start talking to him, very sweet, just a sweet, kind man. It’s not what you think when you first see it,” said Chris Smith, co-owner of Revival Coffee Company.

The County Oldham jailer gives Cass White a big hug at a fundraiser for White who needs a heart transplant (Trevor Kelsey)

Co-owners Jodi and Chris Smith met White, also known as “Mammoth”, working at the Oldham County Detention Center, where Chris was captain and Cass was deputy. What the inmates didn’t know is behind the big man, lies an even bigger heart.

“We saw that he gave back to people, he loved doing things for people, he was very nice and so with his big heart, we loved him and so he essentially became family,” Jodi Smith said, co-owner of Revival Coffee Company. .

Recently, White has been out of work after discovering he has an autoimmune disease called sarcoidosis, which inflames or enlarges the lungs, lymph nodes, heart, eyes and skin. Over the past year, White has taken different medications and undergone several tests. But after a four-day inspection at Norton Audubon Hospital with cardiologists two weeks ago, White learned he needed a heart transplant. He was airlifted to the clinic in Cleveland on Friday, July 1, and rose to the top of the transplant list.

“So when you see someone you really love in a position where they can’t do anything for themselves, we just start reaching out to people we know who could help,” Jodi Smith said.

A fundraiser was held June 27 at Restaurant Gustavo to raise money for Cass White who is in need of a transplant. (Trevor Kelsey)

That’s when the members of “Team Cass” came together to help. As of June 2, Revival Coffee has and will continue to donate 5% of all sales to the Cass White GoFundMe page. La Grange Animal Hospital also collects donations. Revival partnered with Gustavo’s on Monday, June 27, and he donated 10% of sales from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. for Cass’s heart procedure, and Cass’s supervisor, Kalynn Hartmann, makes shirts for the community to to show his support.

“It just shows that there are still good people in the world and I love seeing everyone come together and help someone in need who would do anything to help them if they needed it. “, said Hartmann.

As Cass waits for the call that a heart is ready, his community continues to stand behind him.

“As big as he is, his heart is even bigger,” said Chris Smith. “He’s just a giving man, he’s always given help, whether it’s inside the prison or outside the prison at a party or a fundraiser or no matter the situation, he always gave his time to whatever needed to be done.”

Nearly $7,000 was raised for White and his heart surgery.