Heart surgery

Simon Watt climbs Snowdon after open heart surgery

A BRIDGWATER man celebrates his new life four years after undergoing open heart surgery.

Simon Watt climbs Mount Snowdon to say thank you to the NHS team who saved his life.

Simon Watt climbs the highest mountain in Wales and England to raise money for Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity.

As a person with type 1 diabetes, Simon’s heart attack escalated into life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis – the breaking down of fat at far too rapid a rate – and his kidneys began to fail.

After spending time in the intensive care unit at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Wales, Simon was transferred to the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI).

There he underwent life-saving open-heart surgery during his five-and-a-half-week stay.

He said: “I call this ‘challenge meets challenge’ because I decided to take on a challenge to help the BHI meet the challenges they face in saving people’s lives.

“I’m in much better shape now than when I had my heart attack, but it won’t be an easy challenge as I’m not a seasoned climber.

“I chose Snowdon because he has the railroad as a contingency plan, just in case.”

Simon takes on Snowdon on Monday, May 16 with his son and some co-workers.

It aims to raise £2,000 for Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity, the NHS charity for Bristol City Centre, South Bristol and Weston Hospitals.

He said, “I always wanted to say thank you.

“I want to give back to BHI staff what they gave me to save my life.

“I’m really looking forward to it.

“If you know me, I’ve made up my mind about something and I’m going out and doing it. I’m exhausting my family with this.”

Megan Watts, from Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity, said: “Simon’s fundraising will help BHI staff continue to go above and beyond for patients like him.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Simon. Fundraising is a great way to say thank you for your care.

To sponsor Simon, go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/simon-watt3.

To find out more about Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity, visit: bwhospitalscharity.org.uk