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Rare heart surgery adds feather to GNRC cap | Guwahati News


GUWAHATI: Complicated and rare bicuspid aortic valve surgery on a 41-year-old woman from the state was recently successfully performed at GNRC hospitals here, which is the Northeast’s first superspecialized tertiary care hospital.
Speaking about the procedure, Dr Rajnish Duara, Senior Cardiac and Vascular Surgeon, who conducted the operation, said, “There are only a few cardiac care centers in India that successfully handle such surgeries. With this success, the GNRC became able to include his names in the elite list. “He said,” The bicuspid aortic valve is a congenital anomaly of the aortic valve. Normally there are three leaflets in the valve. aortic disease, but in this disease there are two. It results in narrowing of the valve orifice resulting in severe symptoms. is different from rheumatic heart disease that afflicts the Indian population. ”
“This disease is sometimes complicated by bicuspid aortopathy, as in this case, where the aorta, which is a large tube-like structure carrying blood throughout the body, enlarges and may even rupture or tear at inside, which is called dissection. In his case, the aorta swelled three times the normal size with signs of imminent rupture. ” “We replaced the valve and the enlarged aneurysmal aorta with an artificial tube transplant. She recovered quickly and was able to leave the hospital on the sixth day of the operation. She is recovering well.”