Heart transplant

Patient at high risk of death recovering from five-hour heart transplant surgery

A 40-year-old man at high risk of death has found new life after a heart transplant, a Mumbai-based private hospital announced on Friday.

The patient suffered from heart failure two years ago due to ischemic cardiomyopathy and underwent three-vessel angioplasty in January. In September he was taken to intensive care with multiple organ failure, he said. The patient could not walk more than 100 meters or sleep at night and had a history of heart, lung, kidney and liver disease with complaints of massive weight loss and engorgement of the abdomen (ascites) and engorgement bilateral around the lungs, the hospital said. He eventually underwent a five-hour heart transplant at Apollo Hospitals in Navi Mumbai, after receiving the organ from a patient at another private hospital in the city. Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav, Chief Cardiac Surgeon and Director (Heart-Lung Transplantation) of Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, said the patient was at high risk of morbidity and mortality. ”He obtained the organ from a 22-year-old cadaver donor and the transplant was successfully performed. After the transplant, his other vital organs started functioning properly and he is recovering well,” he said.

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