Heart transplant

Organ donation gives new life to five and fourth heart transplants in Pune

Pune: On September 21, relatives of a 46-year-old Pune resident, who consented to donate organs that gave new life to four patients. Organs recovered included the heart, liver, lungs and both kidneys. This is the fourth heart transplant in the city and the first for DY Patil Medical College. The lungs were assigned to a hospital in Secunderabad, Telangana.

The donor from a rural area had suffered a stroke in Basilar while undergoing treatment at Sahyadri Hospital, on the road to Ahmednagar. Basilar artery strokes are mainly caused by hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) or clots.

After his death, the patient’s relatives consented to the donation of his organs. His lungs, kidneys, liver and heart were recovered and assigned to needy patients.

Dr Aarti Gokhale, Transplant Coordinator at ZTCC, said: “The lungs were assigned to a patient at KIMS in Secunderabad. It is the fifth lung donated by the National Organ Tissue Transplantation Organization (SOTTO) and the National Organ Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO). The lungs were successfully transplanted in a 65-year-old recipient.

The liver was transplanted to a 44-year-old man who suffered from terminal liver disease. One of the two kidneys was donated to a 34-year-old woman at Sahyadri Hospital, on the road to Ahmednagar and the second kidney was transplanted to a 50-year-old man at Sahyadri Hospital, Deccan. The two patients who suffered from kidney failure, according to hospital authorities.

This was the first heart transplant for DY Patil Medical College and the fourth this year for the region. A green corridor was created for the heart to go from the donor hospital to the recipient hospital. Dr Anurag Garg, head of the hospital’s cardiovascular thoracic service, said: “The recipient was a 33-year-old patient, father of two and seriously ill for the past two months. The patient’s heart had completely failed and thanks to the heart that we got in time, we were able to save the patient. The patient is now stable.

Dr Bipin Vibhute, head of the liver and multi-organ transplant service at Sahyadri Hospital, said the transplant was successful. “The patient was a resident of Punjab and suffered from terminal liver disease. Currently, the patient is stable and is under observation.

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