Heart failure

Millions of people in China suffer from heart failure


There are over 11 million people with heart failure in China. The prevalence in people over 70 is 10 percent.

Chronic heart failure has become one of the five cardiovascular diseases with the highest death rate. The five-year survival rate after diagnosis is 50%, medical experts said at a conference marking National Heart Failure Day on Friday.

The online conference, which aims to regulate the practice of cardiac diagnosis and treatment, attracted experts from some 40 hospitals across the country.

Dr Sun Baogui from Yodak Cardiothoracic Hospital in Shanghai said that clinical capacity for heart failure has improved in recent years, especially after the promotion of heart failure centers across the country. In addition, rehospitalization and death rates from heart failure have declined.

“But there are still relatively high rates of misdiagnosis and missed diagnoses, as well as a gap between clinical practice and guidelines. cardiac rehabilitation and continuation of cases, ”said Sun.

“Heart failure is a chronic and progressive disease which requires a comprehensive policy, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation,” he added. “Heart failure care requires multidisciplinary and comprehensive management, involving emergency care, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, and physical and social support.”