Heart transplant

Metro Atlanta mother desperate for heart transplant after rare diagnosis

A metro Atlanta mother is in hospital fighting for her life after being diagnosed with a rare form of heart failure earlier this month.

The woman’s husband told FOX 5 that she desperately needs a transplant, but putting her on the transplant list comes with its own set of challenges…mainly the cost.

“She’s always been strong, but right now we have to be strong for her,” Earl Moore said.

Moore said his wife, Laquedia Moore, had a heart of gold, but that heart was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy, a rare form of heart failure, in early August.

“It’s a heart condition that women develop after giving birth,” Moore said.

The diagnosis came four months after the birth of their youngest daughter Serenity – a rainbow baby.

“We had four actually, but our daughter before our last daughter, she died of heart disease when there was already a lot about our family,” he said.

The father-of-three said an electrocardiogram revealed his wife’s heart was only 10% functioning. It was then that the doctors told her that a transplant was their only option.

“We have three beautiful girls, and we just want to bring mom home, you know… back to the family,” he said.

Moore told FOX 5 that just getting on the transplant list costs at least $5,000 and his wife’s insurance will only cover part of the cost, so it all came as a burden. heavy and unexpected with no immediate family in the state and him unable to return to work.

“I stay here every night, leave before my girls get out of school, come home, do homework with them, spend time with my 4 month old daughter, feed her, diaper her to sleep, and then I come straight to the hospital,” he said.

Moore’s family launched a GoFundMe earlier this week. So far, he’s raised nearly half of his $30,000 goal. His wife posted a message on social media to thank those who contributed.

The father and husband ask everyone who finds him in their hearts to donate, and for those who cannot, he asks for continued prayers. If you would like to donate to GoFundMe, you can click here.