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Local teenager, soccer player waiting for heart transplant receives birthday surprise

ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana (KALB) – “Celebrate a little differently this year” seems to be the phrase many of us have used for some time now.

This was the case for a local teenager who had a big surprise on his 16th birthday. Cohen Doyal is a student and football player at Alexandria Senior High School. He was recently diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle.

Cohen and his father recently moved to New Orleans, temporarily, while he is treated and awaits a heart transplant, but due to Hurricane Ida they had to return to central Louisiana for the first time. in five months. Her family and friends wanted to celebrate her coming home and her upcoming birthday. Together, they planned a parade that would pass by his house. Cohen’s family, friends and supporters walked past his home in a parade with “Get Well” and “Happy Birthday” signs as he watched from his driveway.

His parents, Calem and Billy, say they are touched by the time and effort taken to brighten Cohen’s day. “I mean if it’s just a minute to go by. What it means to us, what it means to him, every little sparkle of his day means a lot to all of us and even to him. Very grateful, ”they said.

He and his father will return to New Orleans once they get the green light. Cohen is on a transplant list, but is currently awaiting a donor match. And he hopes to be back on the football field next year.

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