Heart failure

Lanarkshire baby cleared home for first family Christmas after heart failure


A Lanarkshire baby’s first Christmas just got even more special after being cleared home after 12 weeks in hospital with heart complications.

Three-month-old Lyle Thomson spent just 24 hours at home after being born on September 24, before being rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow with heart failure.

He has since had two open heart surgeries and is awaiting a third operation in what has been “terrifying” times for his Hamilton family.

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But there was joy for the family this week who were told their little fighter would be allowed to come home for Christmas.

Emotional mum Danielle told Lanarkshire Live: “We didn’t think this was going to happen – we are so grateful to have her at home.”

Lyle suffers from a double outlet right ventricle (DORV) and had to have immediate surgery after heart failure or he would have died.

Overwhelmed by what she was told, Danielle added, “I found out he had the disease on my CT scan when I was pregnant, so we were kind of prepared for what was going to happen in front of us, but not as much as it has been.

Lyle Thomson with his mom Danielle Thomson

“After those first 24 hours at home, he just declined massively. He was not on oxygen and that’s when they told us it was heart failure, and he was taken straight to intensive care for immediate surgery.

“Since then he has been in the hospital.

“It was a very, very worrying time – there were times when I really didn’t think Lyle was going to survive. The doctor who was going to have his operation told us that basically he had no choice. .

“They told us once Lyle had heart failure that if he didn’t have the operation he would most likely die, but also that there was a small risk of having the operation that he would die as well. .

“It was absolutely terrifying, but these surgeons are amazing people, and the success rate is so high that we had to do it.”

Brave Lyle Thomson was released from hospital this week

On October 7, Lyle was rushed to hospital for his first open heart surgery, which involved placing a small ring on his heart.

A week later, when doctors found excess fluid, Lyle again had to go under the knife to get a drain in place.

Now that he is recovering well at his family home in Eddlewood, young Lyle was only released from the hospital earlier this week (December 20), but that immediately made this holiday season more special for Danielle and her. young family, who can all enjoy Lyle’s first Christmas together.

Twenty-six-year-old Danielle told us: “He has already had two operations where they went and opened his little heart.

“He’s not too bad now, he’s home and on a feeding tube, so the plan is to keep him home and try to get him fat.” And he’ll be back for his big open heart surgery, hopefully in the next few months.

(LR) Lyle’s sisters: Macey, 7 and Mya, 9 with baby Lyle

“We were really excited to be bringing Lyle home for Christmas, we really didn’t think that was going to happen, we thought he was going to be in the hospital until his big repair which could take place in March – we are just very grateful to have him at home for the time being.

“Everyone has been great with the support.

“And we are extremely grateful to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children of Queen Elizabeth who have been nothing short of exceptional with Lyles’ care.”

Lyle is now taking several medications and a feeding pump, which Danielle gives him.

But she was helped by Lyle’s older sisters Mya, nine, and Macey, seven, who love having their little brother at home.

Danielle adds: “It’s a bit like stepping into the unknown, but we adapt very quickly with it.

“Lyle’s two sisters have been absolutely fantastic, they’ve been just active hands, especially with her coming home now. They just want to do everything for him.

“Lyle is now gaining weight and looking great.

“We can now look forward to Christmas, it will be just small with the family in the house as we want to keep it as much as possible up to the minute given the circumstances.

“It’s absolutely amazing, to have Lyle’s first Christmas at home, we really felt like we had to have him in the hospital and go home with our two other kids.

“We can’t explain how much it means knowing that we’re all going to be waking up in the same house on Christmas morning.”

Lyle will now have regular updates at the hospital and will be monitored for the next few months before his next operation.

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