Heart transplant

Jaslok Hospital announces launch of heart transplant program in Mumbai

Mumbai-based Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, which are also pioneers in kidney and liver transplantation in Western India, recently launched a heart transplant program and division in their Mumbai unit.

The program will be led by Dr KR Balakrishnan, a leading cardiac surgeon, a pioneer in the field of heart transplants in the country. In one of its kind collaborations, Jaslok Hospital will partner with MGM Hospital Chennai to bring this prestigious program to life. In the past five years, the city has recorded a record 163 heart transplants according to public records.

Speaking on the occasion, Jitendra Haryan, CEO of Jaslok Hospital, said: “We are delighted to expand our transplant services and offerings to also include heart transplants. Dr KR Balakrishnan is a well-known cardiac surgeon in the country, and we are happy to provide his services and expertise to our patients in Mumbai and the greater western region. It is encouraging to see the increase in the number of organ donations occurring in the city giving a new lease of life to many. “

While the program will be led by Dr KR Balakrishnan, it will be supported by the prestigious team of cardiac surgeons and cardiologists at Jaslok Hospital. The program will provide exceptional quality and results, comprehensive support services, easily accessible care, a team of transplant surgeons, critical care experts, infectious disease consultants, specially trained support nurses and ‘other paramedical personnel for intensive care and services, liaison officers, transplant coordinators, dedicated beds in intensive care, cardiac rehabilitation and specialized postoperative care.

Dr KR Balakrishnan is known as the pioneer of heart transplants in the country. A graduate of KEM Hospital, University of Bombay, he is one of the most awarded healthcare practitioners known for his work in the management of end stage heart failure, pediatric heart transplants and transplants. hepatic and cardiac. During a career spanning more than 30 years, he has successfully performed over 329 transplants in the country.

MGM Healthcare CEO Harish Manian said, “MGM Healthcare Chennai is very pleased to partner with Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai to provide heart and lung transplant service under the leadership of Dr KR Balakrishnan and his team. . The association with Jaslok is strategic in nature, which will promote knowledge sharing and on-site transplant support from the team of experts at MGM Healthcare Chennai. Dr KR Balakrishnan and his team will have a dedicated heart failure clinic to assess patients. This association also strengthens our relationship with Jaslok Hospital and strengthens our commitment to get closer to our patients in Western India.

According to recent estimates, heart disease is the leading cause of death and a silent epidemic among Indians. Data from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) shows that around 90 people die of heart attacks every day in the city. All the speakers at the event stressed the importance of organ donation for the success of any transplant program and urged people to donate their organs.

The launch event was chaired by dignitaries such as Dr SK Mathur, President of ZTCC, Dr Suresh Rao, Cardiologist, MGM Chennai Hospital, Dr AB Mehta, Director of Cardiology Dr Hemant Pathare, Additional Director of Transplantation Cardiac and Pulmonary at Jaslok Hospital, as well as others from the Jaslok Hospital team.

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