Heart transplant

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indiana woman recovering from a heart transplant is sharing her story to raise awareness.

She hopes sharing the story will inspire someone else to help save a life. The Indiana Donor Network estimates that black people make up half of the people on transplant waiting lists. But represent only 35% of organ donations.

Grateful doesn’t begin to express the gratitude felt by Jaelyn Kinchelow. Knowing the sacrifice necessary to give him a second chance in life.

“You never know when a heart is available. So you kind of just have to wait.

On March 28, Kinchelow received a heart transplant. It is an important marker in a decade-old fight to live. In 2012. while doing laps around the track, she fell. I only remember waking up in Rileys Children’s Hospital.

“They were kind of trying anything to keep me alive,” she said.

His heart had failed him. With his heart condition, the track was out of the question.

“The coronary artery tore in my heart. So they had to remove a vein from my leg and put it in my heart.

She found freedom in other things. But 10 years later, the heart valve repair failed. Forcing her to join a long waiting list for a heart transplant.

She’s a bit unique in how she came to this process. It would have actually led her to heart problems because she didn’t have a birth defect,” Debbie Murphy said. Heart Transplant Coordinator at Riley Children’s Hospital.

She said 14 looks young but heart defects can impact newborns too.

“We cannot take organs with us. What if you can give someone else the opportunity to have a second chance at life but not. Be kind to others and give this blessing to this family,” she said.

Kinchelow considers herself blessed. Only having to wait three months for his saving gift. She says many people don’t think about organ donation until it impacts their family.
She urges you not to wait.

“It takes someone brave enough to say that if I can’t live anymore, I want to help others live.”

She says she wants to honor their loved one by doing something big with her life. After her recovery, she hopes to complete her nursing studies.