Heart failure

In the terrifying battle for the health of Robert Webb


British comedy legend Robert Webb takes to the dance floor as he stars in the upcoming Strictly Come Dancing series.

The 48-year-old comedian is partnering with Dianne Buswell and has spoken of his excitement about joining the show.

But his place on the BBC dance show comes just two years after he had to undergo open heart surgery when doctors discovered he was suffering from severe heart disease.

Robert was undergoing a routine medical test in 2019 for his Channel 4 sitcom Back, when he discovered he was suffering from a heart murmur caused by mitral valve prolapse.

Robert had to undergo emergency heart surgery

The Peep Show star said he had “no idea” of his condition and was shocked when doctors told him his heart would fail in the next two to six months.

He had to undergo emergency surgery to repair his mitral valve and was arrested for three and a half months.

As heart surgery approaches, Robert says he “was literally walking around trying not to have a heart attack.”

Doctors warned Robert his life was in danger
Doctors warned Robert his life was in danger

On the morning of his operation there was a problem with the intensive care unit and the hospital tried to delay the operation until the cardiologist told the surgeon, “You can’t send him home.” for five days, it’s not going to last two days. “

His comedy partner and boyfriend David Mitchell admitted he wished he could have the operation for him.

Robert appears in the next series of Strictly
Robert appears in the next series of Strictly

The duo have been close friends since they met at Cambridge University and have performed in numerous television hits together.

Mitchell told the Mirror: “In all honesty I thought, ‘If only it could’ve been me.’

He continued, “When they give you medicals for TV shows, you think they’re not checking anything – this guy saved Rob’s life.”

Robert's comedy partner is David Mitchell
Robert’s comedy partner is David Mitchell

“I was very worried about him. He underwent open heart surgery two weeks later.

“We stopped filming and started again when he recovered from the operation.”

Since the operation, Robert has quit smoking and drinking heavily and said the experience changed his outlook on life.

“The first thing you want to do is start taking it for granted again,” he explained.

He said the experience changed him
He said the experience changed him

“On the other hand, I certainly felt that my own death is no longer that very, very mysterious or alien thing. It will be a day like this.

“And I’ll wear clothes like this, and get out of a bed like the bed I got out of this morning.” I have the form.

“I can weigh its dimensions. And I feel more relaxed because I think I can see it. I am more relaxed and it is a relief.

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