Heart surgery

Help our grandfather get heart surgery

Cheers! We are the Chambers family. Our father/grandfather is in urgent need of heart surgery, or he is facing heart failure, which would lead to his unfortunate death. Here is a brief story to explain:
It started with a severe case of pneumonia, and we were very concerned given his age and history of high blood pressure and diabetes. He complained of stomach problems which affected his diet. Doctors said there was hardened mucus from pneumonia sitting in his stomach causing discomfort and an inability to eat, but he also had an irregular heartbeat. A series of medications were prescribed and the doctors were delighted that as a retiree his level of fitness from his beloved fieldwork was helping him respond to the medications.

As a precautionary measure and to find the exact cause of the sudden deterioration in the health of our father/grandfather, the doctors carried out a series of tests, blood tests, examinations and x-rays which concluded that ‘he was in desperate need of heart surgery…the heart was beating at a higher than normal rate, swelling and behaving erratically, all caused by a faulty mitral valve in the heart, which needs to be repaired through a procedure called mitral valve clip procedure. He now faces severe physical weakness, shortness of breath, stomach pain and discomfort, and swelling in his feet. The good news is that it is fixable! However, we are greatly embarrassed by the cost of this procedure. If left untreated, mitral regurgitation can occur and lead to our father’s/grandfather’s permanent heart failure.

We ask that you donate to help our father/grandfather spend more time with us…it would be greatly appreciated! He is a beloved father, grandfather AND great-grandfather who had a very difficult start in life from an early age but who constantly gives of himself to his family. Any help we can get would go a long way towards making this surgery a vital need. Thanks for your help ❤️