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Heart specialist in London “told girl to drop her panties”

Dr Sumit Basu is accused of sexually assaulting his patients. We see him arriving in court on Tuesday

A married cardiologist told a 16-year-old girl to drop her panties so he could examine them “down” after she complained of chest pain, a court said.

Dr Sumit Basu, 59, allegedly abused his position of trust to fondle three victims between November 2006 and June 2014 at Lewisham Hospital in the southeast London.

The consultant cardiologist sexually assaulted two of the women with his fingers and asked one of them about her sex life and whether she was “in pain”, Woolwich Crown Court has learned.

In an interview with the police, one of her alleged victims, now 29, explained that she did not know if her actions were “good or bad” because she was only 16 years old. years.

“He examined my chest with his hands on every date,” she said.

After being referred to him by his GP for chest pain, he allegedly told her, “Take your butt off and I’ll examine downstairs because everything could be connected.”

Dr Basu wore gloves to examine her back passage, but took them off when he moved his hands in a circular motion over her breasts, jurors heard.

His alleged victim returned to see him when her chest pain returned after she became pregnant.

After examining her again, he told her that she had nothing to worry about, she said.

Describing each of her dates, she explained that her mother was always waiting behind a screen.

A woman said she was told to

A woman said she was told to “undress” after going to see Dr Basu at Lewisham Hospital in south-east London.

Explaining one of his alleged assaults, she said: “He told me to undress, sit on the table and wait for him.

“His face was pretty close to mine – close enough.

“I didn’t watch it because I was quite young.

“I felt a little uncomfortable when he examined me downstairs.

“I thought it could be considered sexual. You don’t forget that sort of thing. He kept asking me if I was in pain.

“I was quite young and shy and didn’t know if it was right or wrong.

“I was quite young and didn’t want to wrongly accuse someone because he was a man with a trade.”

After the exam, her father learned about her court hearing and told her daughter about what had happened when she visited him.

Unbeknownst to him, the conversation was recorded, the court said.

Fighting back tears, she told the jury: “It was around 10 p.m.

“He asked me about my dates. He asked me if anything stood out.

The prosecutor asked, “Did you know at that time that he was recording you?” “

She replied, “He just entered in the normal way. It was a normal hello from father to daughter.

Woolwich Crown Court learned that the woman's father saw Dr Basu appearing in court in a newspaper and insisted she surrender to the police

Woolwich Crown Court learned the woman’s father saw Dr Basu appearing in court in a newspaper and insisted she surrender to the police

“He said he was going to have to ask me about my dates. I thought I was in trouble.

“Then he said I heard about it and you’re going to have to call the police. “

Jurors heard the short audio clip in which the woman’s father tells her to sit down and asks her what her doctor’s name was.

She replied, “Mr. Basu. “

His father said to him: “What has he done to you? I am really serious.

She said Dr Basu touched her vagina and breasts, the court said.

The father continued: “Do you know why he is in court?

She asked, “Pedophile?

“Sexual assault,” his father replied.

‘I just discovered. I recorded it. You have to go see the police.

Basu, of Ringmore Rise, Lewisham, south-east London, denies seven counts of sexual assault and three counts of penetration assault.

The trial continues.

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