Heart surgery

Franklin Graham asks for your prayers as he recovers from heart surgery for pericarditis


Evangelist Franklin Graham is recovering from successful heart surgery Monday at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse ministry reports that he developed a condition called constrictive pericarditis which includes inflammation and hardening of the pericardium, the sac around the heart. Hardening compresses the heart and prevents it from functioning properly.

Graham’s doctors expect him to make a full recovery, so he can resume his normal ministry schedule.

The evangelist and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) posted an article about his operation on social media on Tuesday and asked for prayers.

“Yesterday I had specialized heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I had developed constrictive pericarditis, which is an inflammation and hardening of the sac around the heart that compresses the heart and prevents it from functioning. The surgery involved removing the pericardium, and we thank God that everything went well, ”Graham wrote.

“The team here at the Mayo Clinic are doing such an amazing job – I couldn’t say more. My doctors said I should expect a full recovery and that I could go back to my normal schedule,” he said. he explained.

“I look forward to many opportunities around the world in 2022 to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and invite people to put their faith and trust in him. I also look forward to being able to ride my motorbike when hot weather will come! I appreciate everyone’s prayers, “Graham continued.

As CBN News reported in September, Graham launched his “God Loves You Tour” along Route 66, America’s most iconic highway.

The 14-day tour visited eight cities to preach the gospel message of God’s love at outdoor events. The journey began in Joliet, Illinois, where 8,700 people came to Chicagoland Speedway to pray and worship together.

While on tour, Graham was joined by Christian group The Newsboys and artists Dennis Agajanian and Marcos Witt.

According to the BGEA, the Route 66 God Loves You tour reached over 56,300 people with the gospel at in-person events as well as thousands more online.

The tour ended Oct. 3 in San Bernardino, Calif., Where Franklin Graham’s father, Billy Graham, had an eight-week crusade in nearby Los Angeles some 72 years earlier. The message preached by young Graham was the central message of the Bible: God loves you.

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