Heart surgery

Finally home recovering from heart surgery, this poor woman was brutally beaten in her own front yard – Chip Chick

Cypress, Texas. Nicole, 21, does not have the average life of a young adult. She suffers from heart failure caused by cardiomyopathy, which makes it harder for her heart to pump blood to the rest of her body.

Nicole recently had a defibrillator implanted in her chest to deliver electrical current directly to her heart in the event of cardiac arrest.

The device detects the heart rhythm and can shock the heart to restart it or normalize the function without shock.

Studies have shown that using a defibrillator within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest can give a person a 50-70% chance of surviving sudden death.

The defibrillator can prevent a cardiac arrest for Nicole, but there is always a chance that she will need a heart transplant in the future.

Through all of the health challenges, she is determined to maintain her financial independence and focus on herself.

Shortly after her implantation, she returned to her full-time job to provide continued health insurance for a future full of significant medical expenses.

Just when she thought life was coming back to (her new) Ordinarythe unthinkable happened.

At home, in her garden, she was finally ready to take time for herself and relax. Lying in her hammock, she did not see the man coming towards her. He came out of nowhere, punching and brutally punching Nicole from behind.

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