Heart transplant

Christ Hospital Health Network launches heart transplant program

Christ Hospital Health Network expands its capacity to care for heart failure patients.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States. An estimated 6.5 million Americans live with heart failure and 1 million more are diagnosed with heart failure each year.

About 8,000 Americans need a new heart to survive, but with the limited supply of donor hearts, only about 3,500 transplants are performed.

The latest expansion of the Christ Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute program follows the successful recruitment of two renowned heart transplant specialists with over 50 years of combined experience.

“The Christ Hospital Heart Transplant Program will provide additional opportunities for local and regional heart failure patients who need this lifesaving procedure,” said Debbie Hayes, President and CEO of Christ Hospital Health Network. “This expansion of our nationally recognized heart failure services is a key part of our strategy to improve the health of our community by providing everything it takes to ensure that patients and their families receive exceptional care right here at Cincinnati.”

In preparation for the launch of the program, Christ Hospital Health Network hosted nationally recognized heart transplant specialists: Geetha Bhat, MD, Medical Director of Christ Hospital Heart Transplant Program, as well as Robert Dowling, MD, Surgical Director from the Christ Hospital Heart Transplant Program to the team of cardiovascular disease experts.

“We are delighted to welcome both physicians to Christ Hospital Health Network,” said Heart & Vascular Institute MSCAI President and Christ Hospital Research Institute Medical Director Dean Kereiakes, MD, FACC. “Dr. Bhat has established several successful nationally recognized heart transplant programs and is a highly respected transplant cardiologist. Dr. Dowling has over 25 years of experience performing heart surgery. open and has extensive expertise in heart transplantation.

For questions about heart failure or planning with Christ Hospital Heart Transplant Center, call 513-585-2493 or click here.