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Baptist Health Cardiac Specialist Performs Revolutionary Procedure – The Resident Community News Group, Inc.


Baptist Health’s medical team is the first in the region to use the Synergy Megatron Stent for high-risk cardiac procedures.

Cardiologist Salil Patel performed the first surgery in Northeast Florida using Boston Scientific’s Synergy Megatron stent during a recent coronary intervention to clear blockages in patient Saundra Martin’s heart.

The Synergy Megatron stent is the first to be specially designed for the large proximal vessels – those closest to the aorta, the main artery that carries blood from your heart to the rest of the body. In the past, patients with blocked arteries might need bypass surgery, which is more invasive and requires more recovery time. Cardiologists are now able to use stents in some of these patients.

Martin first arrived at Baptist Medical Center Beaches with shortness of breath and heart pain, and while she was there she had a small heart attack. Further diagnosis showed severe blockage of the main artery and the two main arteries branching from the main artery. Her heart function was declining rapidly and she reached a point where she was no longer a candidate for heart surgery. Dr Patel felt that the team at Baptist Heart Hospital could safely treat her with a complex stent procedure, and with this new stent the result would be positive.

“Ms. Martin was out of options. She was declining rapidly,” said Dr. Patel. “We looked at all of the treatment options available and felt we could be successful. [with this stent]. “

He chose to use the Synergy Megatron because of its design, which makes it stronger and allows it to adapt to different sizes of the artery. Plus, its material is a proprietary alloy of platinum and aluminum-chromium which makes it more visible on angiography, which is a type of x-ray used to check blood vessels.

Martin’s procedure went well and she resumed her normal activities such as walking, playing bingo and visiting her grandchildren.

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