Heart transplant

Bangalore Hospital performs heart transplant on 22-year-old girl

A 22-year-old girl from West Bengal, who suffered from an advanced stage of heart failure, has been given a new lease of life following a heart transplant operation at Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur.

Doctors say the patient’s MRI showed that her heart was only functioning at 10% capacity and most of the muscles were damaged as she had been suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy for four years and was not responding well to taking in medical care. .

“The patient was admitted in critical condition. It was the second admission in the past two months. She was not able to tolerate the heart failure medications as her blood pressure was low and also suffered from kidney dysfunction,” explained Dr. Karthik Vasudevan, Senior Consultant – Interventional Cardiology.

After verifying that heart transplantation was the last option, the hospital registered its name in Jeevasarthakathe (a government body that lists organ availability and promotes organ donation), requesting an immediate requirement for heart transplantation.

According to a statement from the hospital, the operation was performed on June 3 and the patient was discharged within two weeks.

“The life expectancy of the patient after a heart transplant after one year is 90-95%, after five years 70-80% and after 10 years 55-65%,” the statement said. Advanced heart failure is one of the most severe forms of end-stage heart failure that causes the heart chamber or ventricle to expand, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body.