Heart transplant

A heart transplant recipient can live a normal life: Dr. Richard Saldanha

North Karnataka is witnessing an increase in the trend of cardiovascular diseases, there is an urgent need to curb the disease rather than treat it, said Dr. Richard Saldanha, Chief Cardiac Surgeon at KLES Dr. Prabhakar kore Hospital, Belagavi.

He was delivering the prestigious Dr VS Metgud speech at the IMA Annual Continuing Medical Education (CME) on July 23, 2022 at Sankam Residency. He called on the medical fraternity to search in the direction to discover the causes of the incipient increase in coronary heart disease is necessary. He pointed out that 6 heart transplants have been performed since 2018 and 3 heart transplants have been performed in July 2022 alone, all in the young and productive 18-35 age group. He pointed out that after the transplant, an individual can lead a normal and active life.

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Dr. Richard pointed out that excessive consumption of tobacco products, sedentary lifestyle, early onset of diabetes, stress and genetic factors are the main causes for the increased incidence of cardiovascular disease. Cardiac surgery is changing the science and the KLES Cardiothoracic team is up to date with the latest skills, technology and infrastructure and has moved from long incision open heart surgery to partial sternotomy to minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS). Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), valvular cases, and ASD closure are routinely performed through the MICS procedure.

Performing a heart transplant is a daunting challenge involving a team of transplant coordinators, a brain death declaration team, an organ maintenance team (intensivist), anesthesiologists, a surgical team and police officers. Jeevsarthakathe and MOHAN foundation support the monitoring of the whole transplant process is the proper functioning of transplant activities.

In his presentation, Dr. Richard presented the medical and surgical management of peripheral vascular disease and shared his experiences in the surgical management of pulmonary thrombus embolectomy and pulmonary surgery cases.

The KLES cardiac surgery team is ready to start the lung transplant program and will venture into robotic surgeries, Dr. Saldanha concluded.

Dr BH Metgud, Dr Vanita Metgud, Rajeswhawri Anagol, Dr Santosh Sindhe, Dr Neeta Deshpande, Dr Basavaraj Bijjargi and other IMA members praised Dr Richard Saldanha for enriching medical science and pioneering a transplant program in Belgium.

Senior medical fraternity Dr Bandopant Shravage, Dr (Mrs) Kotwal, Dr KN Hulikatti were also commended on the occasion.