Heart surgery

5-year-old boy in disguise as Thor completes seventh heart surgery

Kansas, a 5-year-old boy with congenital heart disease, underwent cardiac catheterization and his artificial heart valve is expected to last three to five years.

In September of last year, Kansas underwent his sixth major surgery during which he received a new pacemaker and rebuilt a single-ventricular circulatory system.

Kansas went to the hospital on Monday dressed as Thor and was ready to “go to war” – to deal with the surgery – and wasn’t afraid of it.

His mother posted on social media saying there was nothing about this operation that Kansas was unfamiliar with and that he loved to emulate Dr Strange’s actions when times were tough.

In the video posted online, Kansas was happy wearing his Thor helmet, while holding his own luggage in one hand and carrying a stuffed panda from the movie “Turning Red.”

The Kansas father announced Tuesday afternoon that his son’s mechanical heart valve will last three to five years. He pointed out that Kansas’ next major operation would most likely take place in three to five years and that’s another issue for another day.

Mom explains that Kansas needed this surgery because he had a mechanical heart valve placed in him when he was three years old and as Kansas grows, the artificial valve no longer meets his needs.

She added that this was the first time Kansas’ father had walked into the operating room with Kansas. Kansas behaved well and didn’t cry at all. She says her father’s strength makes Kansas feel safe and comfortable when he’s with him.