Heart surgery

26-year-old high school coach recovers after successful heart surgery – WSOC TV

CHARLOTTE — A 26-year-old former UNC Charlotte football player and current Butler High School coach is recovering from a heart transplant.

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“They did a few tests, you know, ran my vital signs,” Denzel Irvin said.

“So I would say I was there for 20, not even 30 minutes, before the doctor said she had a hunch it was more than just COVID-related or a cold. And that’s as she called Dr. Michelin.

Irvin said his diagnosis made no sense to him.

“I didn’t think that was the problem at all, because my heart itself didn’t hurt,” Irvin said. “I had never had a history of heart disease or anything like that. So once they told me that was the case, it was just a shock.

Irvin had surgery on April 25 and was discharged from hospital last week.

Irvin’s doctors said his story should be a warning to people to pay attention to your body’s signs.


“I think being aware of what you’re feeling, you know, not dismissing the symptoms of being very short of breath, not being able to do your daily activities, passing out unexpectedly,” Dr Joseph Mishkin said. , with Sanger Heart from Atrium Health. and Vascular Institute. “You know all these signs are warning that there could be something more serious going on, underlying.”

Irvin said he also wanted to thank his doctors and everyone who worked on his care team throughout the process.

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