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12-year-old Hungarian girl undergoes heart transplant due to coronavirus complications

A 12-year-old girl needed a heart transplant due to complications from the coronavirus, reported RTL KLub’s TV news.

Lilla Haszmann was vomiting and had diarrhea last December when her mother took her to the hospital. “I was very sick, I didn’t want to eat. I also slept a lot, ”she added.

The little girl was operated on for myocarditis. It was only after the operation that it was discovered that the coronavirus had caused the inflammation. She did not experience the usual symptoms of the virus.

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Haszmann spent almost five months in the hospital where she also had an artificial heart, but after a while it didn’t help anymore.

Something happened that I never thought I could happen to us. I mean, I don’t think anyone ever thinks about it.

said the girl’s mother, Brigitta CsörgÅ‘.

According to the geneticist-virologist, Zsolt Boldogkői, interviewed by RTL Klub on the situation, the virus very rarely causes myocarditis in children.

Haszmann received a new heart in April, an operation that lasted nearly ten hours. She hopes to go to school in January.

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