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12-Year-Old Hardcore Vikings Fan Ready for Open Heart Surgery at Mayo Clinic | Health


ROCHESTER, Minn. –A rare heart defect landed a boy from Indiana – and arguably the Minnesota Vikings’ biggest fan – right here in Med-City.

In a few weeks, 12-year-old Brennan Perkins will undergo open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic.

The family tell KIMT News 3 that Brennan was born with a heart murmur and other medical issues related to the heart.

When he was just one day old, doctors diagnosed him with pulmonary stenosis and determined he had an abnormality called Ebstein’s anomaly – a very rare heart defect – which could lead to heart failure.

Her cardiologist in Fort Wayne, Indiana mentioned the Mayo Clinic to Brennan’s family, and her mother Shannon Stambaugh said the doctor who would perform the surgery worked wonders.

“When we met Dr Dearani in April, he said he was 99% sure everything would be okay, so obviously there is always a risk involved, but we were pretty confident that day that we knew we were in the best hands. “

Brennan is excited about her time in Rochester, being in the Viking home state of Minnesota. As a huge fan and said it would be cool to see them play someday.

Her mother wants families with pediatric heart disease to stay strong.

“It won’t be easy, you know we’re going to be fine, we’re going to pray about it and take it one day at a time,” she said.

The family asks you to keep them in mind for the July 22 procedure.